About Us

As a mum to a 5 year old and a part time Medical Receptionist, I would sit up in bed at night with books that I borrowed from the library and study every detail of them.  They were mostly books on ‘afternoon teas’ and ‘cakes and slices’, I would look at all the beautiful table settings and decorating in the background and particularly loved the outside garden tea parties.  After a lot of research and homework, Sweet Teas!by Danielle was created in mid 2012.

I am a big fan of all things pretty, old or new, and so over time I have collected cake stands and cake domes, vintage teacup trios and old silver teapots – simply because I loved them.  Cake forks and teaspoons that have been passed through the family for generations are being polished up and reborn to be once again used to enjoy and devour delicate cakes and sweets.  Linen and doilies, ribbon and bunting are always being added to my collection as they are the perfect finishing touch for a gorgeous tea party.

Sometimes people wish to enjoy entertaining at home however they don’t have all the required bits and pieces
for a gorgeous party and so that is where the idea of being a Mobile High Tea Service came about.

I am still a mum and medical receptionist and now a very excited and passionate business owner!